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Aghbar mine - Bou Azzer - Morocco

In this page we offer a quite rare arsenate : the cobaltaustinite, that shows green tufts or green balls on quarz, often in company of another rare arsenate, the cobaltlotharmeyerite
 01 -  some green spheres with colourless talmessite

  area 11 mm

the sample 4x3 cm

 price : 25,00

   01bis - other colourless talmessite crystals in the  previous sample 
   02 - some green spheres on dolomite

 area 20x8 mm

 the sample 4x3 cm

 price :  20,00  

   02bis - cobaltlotharmeyerite on cobaltaustinite and dolomite, in the previous sample 
   03 -little but superb sample with  green spheres on quarz and  little cobaltlotharmeyerite

 sample 2x1 cm

 price : 20,00 

 04 - some group of green crystals on dolomite

 area 12 mm

 the sample 4x3 cm

 price : 25,00 

 04bis - some yellow talmessite crystals on beta-roselite, in the previous sample 
 05 - good sample with several green spheres on dolomite

 area 22x15 mm

 the sample 5x4 cm

 price : 40,00

 06 - nice sample with a lot of green spheres on dolomite

 area 18x10 mm

 the sample 4x3 cm

 prezzo : 40,00

 06bis - some bi-coloured talmessite crystals in the previous sample