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Eduardo mine - Conselheiro Pena -Minas gerais - Brazil

In this page we offer some good  phosphates coming out from this little , pegmatite mine, near Galileia border. We visited Eduardo on may 2009 and collected good samples of leucphosphite, cyrilovite, laueite, ecc
  01 - good cabinet sieza sample with red leucophosphite and yellow cyrilovite

 area 15 mm

 the sample 10x8 cm

 price : 50,00  

   01b - another vug with cyrilovite, dufrenite and leucophosphite, in the previous sample
   02 - another good sample with lot of vugs

 here a saleeite with cyrilovite

 area 5 mm

 the sample 6x5 cm

 price : 40,00


   02b - a vug with yellow cyrilovite and red leucophoaphite

 area 4 mm 

   03 - another good sample with lot of vugs; here some red leucophosphite crystals on cyrilovite

 area 8 mm

 the sample 6x6 cm

 price : 45,00 

 03b - another vug with brown spheres (dufrenite?) with cubic cyrilovite
 03c - a good laueite crystal in the previous sample
 04 - leucophosphite and cyrilovite in this 2 cm vug

 the sample 5x5 cm

 price : 50,00

 05 - another cabinet size sample showing laueite, cyrilovite, frondelite and leucophosphite

 the sample  7x5 cm

 price : 55,00

 06 - pink spheres of variscite

 area 20 mm

 the sample 7x6 cm

 price : 45,00 

 06b - 

red leucophosphite and pink variscite in the previous sample

 area 3 mm 

 06c -     red leucophosphite in pinted crystals, in the previous sample
 06d - these green spheres (dufrenite?) are in the previous sample
  the author in front of the Eduardo mine, may 2009