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guimaraesite occourence - Piaui' valley - Minas Gerais - Brazil

In this page we offer some large, wonderful samples  of fluorelbaite (new specie of tourmaline) that forms blue-green prismatic crystals covered by guimaraesite, a rare Be phosphate (in the roscherite group)
 01 - a cabinet size showing fluorelbaite covered by yellow, lustrous guimaraesite crystals

 the sample 9x6 cm

 price : 130,00 

   01b - yellow guimaraesite covering the fluorelbaite  crystals
   02 - a cabinet size sample showing yellow guimaraesite and brown zanazziite spheres

 the sample 9x6 cm

 price : 95,00 

   02b - brown zanazziite and yellow guimaraesite in the previous sample
   03 - numerous fluorelbaite crystals covered by guimaraesite

 the sample 9x6 cm

 the largest crystal of fluorelbaite   45 mm

 price : 130,00 


 03b - another pic of the previous sample
 04 - several brown roscherite crystals on yellow guimaraesite

 the sample 9x7 cm

 price : 150,00

 04b - a yellow sphere of guimaraesite, in the previous sample
 05 - a great piece showing blue fluorelbaite covered by guimaraesite

 the sample 8x7 cm

 price : 220,00


 05b - a fluorelbaite , in the previous sample
 05c - lustrous guimaraesite in the previous sample
 06 - a vary large piece showing fluorelbaite covered by yellow guimaraesite all around the sample

 the sample 12x9 cm

 price : 250,00

 06b - a group of yellow guimaraesite, in the previous sample