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Urucum mine - Galileia - Minas Gerais - Brazil

In this page we offer some exceptional samples of stokesite , a rare tin silicate that offers wonderful, colourless crystals on albite and lepidolite
  01 - great sample with some perfect colourless spheres on albite

 the sample 8x6 cm

  a sphere 1 cm

 price : 150,00 

   02 - a nice sample with a little sphere and some stannomicrolite crystals on the top

 the sample 5x5 cm

  the sphere 5 mm

 price : 120,00


   03 - exceptional sample with numerous spheres on albite (museum size !)

 the sample 14x10 cm

 a sphere 12 mm

 price : 245,00 

    03bis - some spheres in the previous sample