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Corrego do Piaui' - Taquaral - Minas Gerais - Brazil

In this page we offer some good samples of zanazziite, a rare beryl phosphate, here in the type locality
  01 - a group of olive-green crystals

 dim area 30x15 mm

 the sample 4x2 cm

 price : 30,00

    02 - nice sample full of green-yellow crystals

 sample and area 6x4 cm

 price : 55,00


    03 - nice group of green crystals

 dim area 25x20 mm

the sample 5x3 cm

 price : 30,00

   04 -another good sample showing a 5x3 vug

 there are some eosphorite crystals also

 the sample 5x4 cm

 price : 45,00 

    05 - nice sample with good coverage

dim area 40x15 mm

 the sample 4x2,5 cm

 price : 35,00


 06 - great sample with several green rounded crystals on albite and minor childrenite

 sample and area  7x5 cm

 price : 50,00 

 06bis - some perfect crystals of childrenite in the previous sample
 07 - a large sample with a 5x4 vug full of zanazziite crystals, on quarz

 the sample 11x7 cm

 price : 85,00

 07bis - some crystals in the previous sample
 08 - a museum size sample, full of crystals on quarz

 sample and area      9x6 cm

 price: 110,00 


 09 - kosnarite -  coming from the same locality here a kosnarite sample

 sample and area  10x6 cm

 price : 55,00

 09bis - some little colourless crystals in the previous sample