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Teixerinha mine - Itinga - Minas Gerais - Brazil

In this page we offer some very nice , rare samples of zanazziite, a Be phosphate, crystallized togheter with topas and elbaite : a true rarities !
  01 - brown zanazziite spheres around a blue topas

 the topas 20x15 mm

 the sample 40x35 mm

 price : 70,00

   01b - some zanazziite spheres in the rpevious sample 
   02 - brown spheres on elbaite

 the sample 4,5 cm

 price : 75,00 


   02b - again the rpevious sample 
    03 - some elbaite crystals covered by brown zanazziite spheres : a great sample !!!!

 elbaite up to 4,5 cm !

 the sample 50x45 mm

 price : 85,00

 03b - the previous sample
 04 - a large sample full of brown zanazziite spheres and a blue topas

 the sample 65x50 mm

 price : 110,00

 04b - again the previous sample
 05 - uhau ! what a sample ! a great topas crystal covered by brown zanazziite and little apatite balls

 the sample 70x42 mm

 price : 220,00


 05b - isolated zanazziite crystals, apatite balls, on blue topas (previous sample)
 05c - another group of zanazziite crystals and apatite balls in the previous sample