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Whagoli quarry - Pune - Maharashtra - India

In this page we offer some good samples of pentagonite : the best quality for the lowest price !
 01 - a group of perfect crystals on heulandite 

 the group 16x14 mm

 the sample 26x26 mm

 price : 20,00 

   01b - another pic of the previous sample 
   02 - a group of lustrous crystals on heulandite

 the crystal group 17x10 mm

 the sample 28x25 mm

 price : 20,00 

   03 - wonderful group of blue crystals on heulandite

 the largest tuft :25x10 mm

 the sample 42x30 mm

 price : 40,00

   04 - two tufts on heulandite

 the largest tuft 10x10 mm

 the sample 40x25 mm

 price : 30,00 

 05 - a very large group of crystals on heulandite

 the group 28x25 mm

 the sample 41x35 mm

 price : 35,00

 06 - little tuft on heulandite

 the tuft 12x10 mm

 the sample 41x32 mm

 price : 25,00

 07 - a very good sample with a large group of crystals

 the group 30x15 mm

 the sample 60x35 mm

 price : 70,00

 07bis - some lustrous crystals in the previous sample
 08 - a very good sample with some tuft on heulandite

 the largest tuft 25x25 mm

 the sample 50x40 mm

 price : 65,00