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Formazza valley - Ossola valley

In this page we offer some nice well coloured crystals of monazite, brookite and anatase coming from micascist on the top of Ossola valley
  01 - some red crystals of brookite and anatese

 the sample 2x1 cm

 price : 15,00


   01BIS - pink titanite in the previous sample 
   02 - several red crystals of anatase with orthoclase

 the sample 3x2 cm

 area 2mm

 price : 20,00 

 03 - nice red crystal of brookite on orthoclase

th sample 3x2 cm

 price : 25,00  

   03BIS - a red anatase in the previous sample 
 04 - a pink crystal of monazite with red anatase

 the sample 3x2 cm

 price : 30,00


 05 - two red-orange crystals of brookite with anatase and quarz

 the sample 8x6 cm

 area 1 cm x 3


 price : 45,00

 05BIS - a red anatase in the previous sample
 06 - two pink crystals of monazite on orthoclase

 the sample 4x4 cm

 price : 50,00

 06BIS - several brown crystals of anatase in the previous sample
 07 - some red anatase and brookite

 the sample 7x6 cm

 price : 50,00


 07BIS - orange brookite in the previous sample
 07TER - pink monazite in the previous sample