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Baveno - Mount Mottarone

The Baveno pink granite is really famous all over the world.
In the past century enormous blockages were taken out the quarry to build churches and palaces in Europe and South America.
In the frequent vugs you can find large smoky quarz and pink orthose, Baveno and Carlsbad twinned, with albite and fluorite.
These minerals are searched also for the quarry-men so is very difficult to find an intact vug.

But Baveno is well known also for wonderful micro-mount as Bazzite, Cascandite, Thortveitite, Kainosite, Hingganite, Gadolinite, Aeschinite, Sychysite, ecc.



PERIOD: all the year
EXCURSION FARE: 60 Euro pro person
MAXIMUM NUMBER of persons: 4