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  The program for this year : 2013

BRAZIL !!!!!!!!!!

We'll come back into Minas Gerais only one time, during may, but we'll visit all the pegmatite veins we know and also others news !




During august we'll be at San Miguel island and we'll clim the Fogo vulcano searching for minerals.



BRAZIL !!!!!!!!!!

during the last year (2009) we also visited Brazil, two times , and we went to search directly minerals on Sapucaia, Eduardo, Boa Vista, Cigana dumps.

Quite dangerous cause snakes and hot temperature but we foud very excellent phosphates , like as phosphosiderite, strengite, variscite, cyrilovite, barbosalite, leucophosphite and many others


going to Sapucaia, me  and a bridge over not trouble water !



me at Eduardo mine, june 2009



pink balls of strengite with red leucophosphite balls - Sapucaia



 leucophosphite - Sapucaia




 saleeite on variscite - Boa Vista