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1. Antaifasy
2. Antaimoro
3. Antaisaka
4. Antankarana
5. Antambahoaka
6. Antandroy
7. Antanosy
8. Bara
9. Betsileo
10. Betsimisaraka
11. Bezanozano
12. Mahafaly
13. Merina
14. Sakalawa
15. Sihanaka
16. Tanala
17. Tsimihety
18. Vezo

MINERALSERVICE is organizing some mineralogical tours with the collaboration of local and italian firms in Madagascar.
We already visited three localities in March '99 and, in a short time we'll return to visit other different localities but already now we invite all concerned to book the first tour in March-April 2001. We are at your disposal for every information.

MINERALSERVICE has collected a good sampling of minerals of the three localities we have visited in March '99 and a complete photo service.

The localities:
ANKARAFA (Nord Madagascar): Titanite and Apatite in similar alpine fissures;
ANTANDROKOMBY (Central Madagascar): Pegmatites with red Tourmaline in vugs with Rhodizite and Manandonite ecc.
ANTSITSANDRANO (Central Madagascar): Pegmatites with Yellow Rhodizite, red Tourmaline, Garnet and Beryll.

NOTICE: We need an early reservation because of the quota number and few seats at our disposal.

Ankarafa Sunset in Vohemar
Manandona river Antandrokomby red Tormalina
Journey in March 1999 A home in the tableland
Rodizite vein Antsitsandrano's Rodizite